Fall Journal Prompts (Part 1)

Journal with me over the course of this month. This is part 1 of a 2-part journal prompt for the fall. You can answer all the questions together or take one question per week: it's up to you. The second set of questions are now also available, and you can check those out here

I have taken the time to share my own personal journal answers for inspiration.

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Fall Journal Prompts (Part 1)

🍂What does fall mean to me beyond the holidays? Reflect on the simple joys of the season that bring you peace.

Fall is my favorite season because it represents change. The challenge is that sometimes I am more anxious during seasons of change. I think ultimately the connection of watching things change through this season consistently is what brings me comfort that my own personal change will find its grounding place again. So, during this season, I like to make sure my morning routine is particularly calm and consistent. I have my coffee or tea, eat a light breakfast, and take time to listen to encouraging talks, affirmations, or journal. These activities bring me peace.

🍂How can I simplify my holiday traditions this year to reduce stress and create more space for serenity?

Last year, I created a wall tree to reduce clutter and address space concerns within my home. My living room area serves as both a living and office space, and if I'm not careful, it can become untidy very quickly with just one thing out of place. Deciding not to put up a tree again this year will serve the same purpose. However, I will try a different wall design and let that serve as my 'Christmas spirit' energy. Currently, I have a simple collage of fall inspiration on one wall of the living room, and it will be the same wall where Christmas inspiration will reside.

🍂What fall activities or rituals help me reconnect with nature and find inner calm?

First, crafting is my number one activity around the fall! Taking the time to crochet something or create a new seasonal themed item connects and grounds me during this season. Second, I like to explore at least one fall-related recipe. One of my recent experiments was making pumpkin puree coffee, which was very easy to make. My next recipe idea is to prepare a squash soup. Third, although last year the pecan tree in my backyard didn't bloom very well, this year, I'll be able to harvest pecans once again. 

🍂Take a moment to describe the sights, sounds, and scents of a perfect fall day that brings you tranquility.

In the fall, I gravitate towards oat, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice scents. In the mornings, I never get tired of the birds singing and the soft tire sounds of cars passing through the neighborhood, or the train just blocks away. I even find joy in my neighbors' daycare children playing in the yard, safe and happy, and content, as well as the dogs barking at everything that stirs them. You would think these things would be annoying to hear every day, but for me, living in a small city with country-like charm, it's home.

🍂What are three things I'm grateful for as I enter this holiday season, and how can I carry this gratitude with me?

First, I am grateful for this blog. It has given me the space I need to transform my complicated thoughts into practical insights, which I also find myself returning to when I need reminders and support, all of my own creation. Second, I am grateful for my health and wellness, as I have put in the work to care for myself in new ways that have complemented my personal growth in this area. Third, I am grateful for a sense of peace and resilience in the midst of the conflict and confusion that surrounds me in the country and in the world. My hope is that I can spread this sense of peace and creativity wherever I go and through whatever my hands touch.

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🍂Which question resonates with you the most? Please share one of your answers in the comments below!

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