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Here is a list of items I sell, all of which are available for purchase. From craft art and digital resources to personal decluttering of home goods, clothing, accessories gently used, and occasional affiliate products, you can find a variety of options. This list is updated weekly. 

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1. Crafts for Sale - Visit my Create Season Studio online store for seasonal treasures.

2. Mugs & T-Shirts- Latest collection of personally designed mugs, t-shirts and totes.

3. Books- My current collection of gently used inspiring titles, novels and more.

4. Home Decor- A little collection of beautiful things I have found, used and picked up during my thrift excursions. 

5. Accessories- Gently used and thrifted bracelets, necklaces and other classic accessories to help you sustainably and affordably add to your wardrobe.

6. Clothes- Clearing out my wardrobe to make room for additional pieces. It's a Summer project of decluttering!

More items will be added...


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