Fall Journal Prompts (Part 2)

If you haven't checked out part one of these fall writing prompts, make sure to explore those right here.

Dive into part two of this fall writing prompt journaling, and may you discover a profound sense of ease, peace, and calm in the process.

Fall Journal Prompts (Part 2)

🍂Reflect on a cherished fall memory from your past. How can you incorporate elements of that memory into your current holiday season to foster ease?

A couple of years ago, my significant other met my children and my mother for the first time. It happened on Thanksgiving, and I was quite occupied putting the final touches on the decor and organizing the food. I wanted to make a good first impression while also juggling work commitments. Needless to say, I was doing way too much. Realizing this, I decided to slow down, and at some point during the holiday break, I took time out to harvest pecans from the yard with my daughter. I then visited a nearby park with my significant other to enjoy the cool riverside waters.

This year, I have made the decision not to work on the holiday. I would like to revisit that park, especially since I won't be with my significant other for Thanksgiving this year.

🍂How can I mindfully embrace the changing colors of fall to find inspiration and peace in the midst of holiday preparations?

I recently wrote an entire post dedicated to this very question! As I reflect on the natural elements of nature, I also like to pair them with some kind of action. Therefore, I crafted this post with practicality in mind, focusing on things that can be done in my life and around the home to help create a calmer atmosphere during the holidays. You can read more about it here. It's my personal way of ushering in mindfulness this season.

🍂Think about the people who bring you the most joy and support during the fall. How can you express your appreciation and strengthen those connections during the holidays?

Every year for the past four years has been slightly different in the way holiday time was celebrated. One year, it was just me and my daughter, while my son was with his other family. Another year, it was myself, the children, my mom, and my significant other. Then, yet another year, it was just me and my significant other visiting friends. I appreciate that no holiday is exactly alike, and sometimes I don't know who I'll get to see or spend time with. This unpredictability makes the experience exciting, and I value the unknown. I strongly feel that whoever I am with and connect to during the holidays, these are the people I am supposed to spend it with. 

🍂What can I let go of this holiday season to create more simplicity and calm in my life? Identify one thing you're willing to release.

This season, I'd like to let go of the notion that I can do it all or that it all has to be done by me or done in a certain way. There is a high element of fun to create during this season, and that's very exciting for a creative person like me. However, sometimes when I don't have all the funds to do things exactly as I envision, I can get quite down on myself and live in an unattached mental space.

This year, I'd like to be gentle with myself in this area because, although I think I handle my responsibilities well under challenging circumstances, there's got to be a break sometime. If I am using all the energy I have and trying to make the holiday a grand finale of the year, and it doesn't look exactly like that, I wrestle with discontent and disappointment. I'd rather not fight that battle this year.

🍂Which question resonates with you the most? Please share one of your answers in the comments below! 

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