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6 Actionable Ways to Prioritize Yourself This Week

5 Actionable Steps to Prioritize Yourself This Week I remember the early days of motherhood when I'd hear phrases like "You have to put yourself first," and I'd scoff, thinking it was an impossible task. The demands of being a mom alone were overwhelming and adding the responsibilities of a full-time job only made things more complex. As a mom who's been through various seasons – from singlehood to marriage, and from full-time to part-time work – I've experienced firsthand what it means to sacrifice for others. But it wasn't until recently that I began to adopt a different approach to prioritizing myself. Balancing family dynamics, financial constraints, and daily responsibilities made it challenging, but I realized that self-care isn't always about material possessions or monetary outcomes. Over time, I've had to redefine what putting myself first looks like. Today, I want to share tangible ways I've learned to prioritize myself, even amidst l

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