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Embracing Life Coaching: My Personal Journey of Choosing a Path Forward

I recently started counseling sessions to address past trauma and current situations that may be linked to it. After a couple of months, I've realized that the traditional clinical therapy route may not be the best fit for me at this point in my life journey. I discussed my concerns with a friend who is experienced in clinical therapy, and through our conversation, I came to the conclusion that although I have experienced trauma in the past, I don't feel stuck in it. While I understand the connection between past events and current thought patterns, I believe there is more to my personal growth than solely focusing on trauma-based events. Understanding trauma is helpful to a point. It seems that I have gained a higher level of awareness in my personal journey. As a result, I believe the clinical approach to therapy may be better suited for individuals who are currently in a different place than I am. I should note that the initial sessions with a clinical counselor were still b

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