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Things You Didn't Know About Me and What I Do

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me and What I Do "A Creative Life by Nherie," a journey of a life artist, where creativity meets practicality in everyday life. I'm excited to share some things you might not know about me and how my journey as a creative entrepreneur is woven into the fabric of the creative community. I wanted to do so in this blog post! Crafting for Healing: Create Season Studio You may not know that my journey into the world of crafting began as a personal therapy. After losing my job during the pandemic, I turned to crafting to cope with the emotional turmoil. This personal art therapy evolved into  Create Season Studio , where I design and sell unique crafts. Each piece I create carries a story of resilience and renewal. My goal is to inspire others to find healing and joy through creativity, just as I have. |   Also Read:  The Story Behind Create Season Studio Remote Business Expertise: Remote Flow Services With 7 years of fully remote exper

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