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Reflections on "Margin"

Reflections on "Margin" In this blog, "margin" refers to the essential space, both physical and mental, that enables flexibility, rest, and intentional living amid life's demands. In the midst of the chaos that seems to engulf our lives more each day, I felt compelled to hit record and share a few thoughts on a topic that's been weighing on my mind: margin. Specifically, the shrinking margin in our time, availability, and mental capacity. | You can view the full video here .  Recognizing the Shrinking Margin I've noticed how the margin I once had for managing my time and mental space has significantly decreased. It's not just a personal observation; it seems to be a widespread phenomenon. Everywhere I look, in my community and beyond, people are grappling with the same issue. The capacity to push through challenges seems to be diminishing, and it's important to acknowledge this reality. If you're feeling this squeeze on your time and energy,

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