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Threads Highlight: Maintaining health and wellness is worth the rollercoaster ride! Taking a short break away after an emotionally taxing experience helps me realign with my 'why.' This kale, berries, banana, apples, chocolate, and other goodies in this smoothie, along with a touch of love πŸ’“, did that!

Blog Post Highlight: I wanted to take a moment to share an update on my creative journey, shedding light on my recent experiences and the decisions I've made during 2023 that I've committed to and taking with me on to the next part of the journey.... read more!

Product Highlight: Take a look at this adorable multicolored handmade scarf available on Create Season Studio, crafted from assorted acrylic yarn! You can find it in the crochet category within the shop. The joy alone from making it and watching the colors take shape took me through a range of emotions: delight, peace, vibrancy, and even a little confusion as I worked to piece together something new that had no boundaries or rules!

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Recipe Highlight: Check out this Ginger Immunity Shot recipe shared directly from the blog!

Reminders: Did you know that the Create Season Studio storefront is also accessible on this blog? Explore this newly discounted recycled ♻ journal and other discounted crafts or visit anytime to discover where these adorable creations of mine are showcased. 

Video Highlight: Watch and read 'Reevaluating Pouring Out in Creative Recovery,' one lesson in my personal creative journey that I am learning to master: knowing when to pour out and when it's simply a season of pouring in.

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