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Enjoy Life Your Way: While frugal living isn't the sole focus of this blog, it's a unique aspect of my current experience. I've learned to maximize what I have. My priority is ensuring I meet essentials while seeking ways to enrich my life, regardless of my bank account. Read more!

Personal Wellness Journey: I'm bringing a different approach to my personal health and wellness after a year-long period of settling in with myself and identifying my most essential needs. By allowing myself to be intuitively guided and using a practical, common-sense approach to my wellness, what I thought would be a huge undertaking turned out to be much less complicated. Read more! 

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Spring Creations: Highlighting my Magical Mermaid & Potion Pattern Gift & Book ToteThis spring and summer, I'm creating cards, totes, and gift bags. You can also check out my new quick access link for crafts available now!

Book Club Reading: We're moving on to March/April reading. View the current list for 2024 by visiting my mini-book club! For those who still have interest in "Finding Your People" by Jennie Allen, you can read my review!


E-Read: "Losing Income is the Worst" shares my firsthand experience of overcoming a significant financial hurdle in the past two years. I created this guide to help people like me, living on meager funds, stay in their homes while managing their next steps to remedy income loss.

Personal Update: In this season, I'm making adjustments for a creative life. I'm offering sitter duty services to select friends to bridge income gaps and maintain a positive attitude. I've let go of roles that no longer serve me well, staying open to what's next. Honestly, the slowdown feels right for me. I'm confident that the new level of alignment I need for monetary growth is coming. Check out my latest Video Marching to my Own Beat on YouTube. 

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