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Greetings, fellow sojourners of the creative path! As I step into this new chapter, I invite you to join me on a profound expedition—a journey of a life artist. Here, my focus is on unraveling the intricacies of personal growth and expression, sharing the highs, lows, and in-betweens encountered in my creative projects.

aCreativeLife By Nherie is more than just a blog; it's a haven of mindful, practical ideas on navigating the undulating terrain of life's challenges while nurturing creativity. It's a space where the ups and downs coalesce into a beautiful mosaic—a testament to the resilience of the creative spirit.

Since 2017, my creative self-discovery has been a guiding light. If you've delved into my posts on Living a Life of Creativity (still in existence but in an archived mode), you've witnessed the transformative power of digital journaling—a space where healing unfolded. Now, this space evolves into A Creative Life by Nherie, where reflective writing becomes the beating heart, chronicling not only my journey but also offering a canvas for your narratives.

This isn't just about the artistic strokes; it's about the reality of managing day-to-day life as a small creative craft business owner , and remote professional and a mother. Here, I'll be exploring the delicate dance between passion projects and the demands of a bustling creative life, as well as the 'glimmers' and challenges of resilience. 

It's the journey of a life artist.

I refer to this blog and my posts as 'intuitively guided' because, unlike traditional blogs, I allow myself to engage in writing as my creative intuition leads. There isn't a linear approach but a lesson-to-lesson approach to what I share, and it all connects back to creativity in some way, shape, or form. Frankly, that's enough for me!"

Amidst the hustle, this blog serves as a chronicle of my endeavors to stay connected to my multiple passions. I'm learning to live and love my life in the here and now while working on the creative person I am becoming.

Reinvent and reimagine your journey alongside mine and learn more about me here

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