It's time to reinvent and reimagine my journey! | Learn more about me here.

If you have read any of my posts on Living a Life of Creativity, you'll see that I have been on a creative self-discovery path since 2017. It served as the hub of healing through my digital journaling and will now remain the center of my reflective writing and healing.

The new journey, A Creative Life by Nherie, is a new inspiration and new season that has entered my path to bridge together my passion for creativity, wellness and style. This blog will allow me to step into my next part of the journey and begin to weave these aspects of who I am into my purpose. 

I'm excited to create and publish a variety of new content to reflect this new path!

On this new road, 
  • I'll be redefining what creativity, wellness and style means now in my 40's and sharing the new resources and new tools and experiences that this part of the journey will awaken.
  • I'll be exploring and creating new topics within creativity, wellness and style. 
  • I'll be opening doors for creative inspired collaborations and affiliate relationships.
  • I'll be learning to take all that I have learned through my healing process of the past 5 years and giving my lifestyle a complete overhaul!
While I build and expand this site, I currently have an email list where I house a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to. 

You can also reach me using my email info@livingalifeofcreativity.com

I look forward to sharing this new creative journey and new content with you!



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