5 Steps To A New Routine (Mini-Tutorial)

5 Steps To A New Routine

Today, I am actually working on a new routine outline for myself for the season change. I've just added two small projects this fall, particularly for fall and probably through winter and beyond. Because I've added some new things, that means my morning and afternoon routine has to change.

When I have a clear idea of what tasks to tackle and when, I'm less likely to waste time or feel overwhelmed by a busy schedule. This leads to better time management and a greater sense of achievement. Having a predictable routine ease worries about task priorities. Knowing I've allocated time for self-care, relaxation, or essential tasks provides a comforting structure that helps reduce anxiety levels. To be honest, anxiety has been a concern, but I've managed much of it by staying organized and adapting my routines when needed.

In this video below, I created a mini tutorial to show you how I outline and create the base for a new routine. I've also created a mini step by step guide that you can also refer to in this post and created a free Routine Outline Worksheet that you can download.

| Download Routine Outline Worksheet

Step 1: Define the Purpose of Your New Routine

Determine why you need a new routine. Is it for the changing seasons or to accommodate new projects and priorities?

Step 2: Identify Your Categories

Create categories that reflect the key areas of your life that your routine will cover. Examples could include self-health and healing, passion projects, freelance work, and household tasks.

Step 3: Set Your Priorities

Determine which categories are most important to you and the order in which you want to address them in your daily routine.

Step 4: Establish Timeframes

Decide when you will start and end each category. Be flexible but have a rough schedule in mind.

Step 5: Specify Actionable Tasks

Within each category, list specific tasks or actions you want to complete during that time. For example, in the "self-health and healing" category, you might include journaling, yoga, and breakfast, if it's part of your morning routine.

Note: This unique routine allows optional, flexible tasks. Choose the order and how you feel, or focus on one task per category, especially if you're just starting out—it takes time to adjust to new routines.

Don't forget to download the free routine worksheet and example!

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