Talking a little about myself. 

Hi, my name is Nherie Tellado. You can refer to me as a Creative Champion because I champion myself and others to live their lives through their creative inclinations first. Through my personal lived experiences, I also develop and curate content that connects individuals to different ways of living their lives in a creative way.

I am also a blogger, craft designer and a remote work from home mother of 2 teenagers (14 and 18 years old) and this lifestyle has allowed me the flexibility to be present for them while also pursuing my own personal, career and creative development.

aCreativeLife By Nherie is a continuation of a journey that began in 2017, connecting my passions and interests, including personal development. I strive to share my experiences and insights in a way that is relatable and informative, and I hope to inspire others to pursue their own passions and live their creative life.

At some point in the near future, I'd like to nurture and find ways to support my creativity in a manner that establishes a lifelong sustainable living model, which aligns with the long-term goal of my business Lifestyle & Flow LLC (my passion project in progress). My aim is to showcase to others what it takes to live life based on their creative inclinations first, along with the tools to make it happen, some of which you'll get to hear about on this blog.

Here are a few of my interests, hobbies and creative direction:
  • I enjoy Content Writing, Development and Curation: It's clear that this lies at the heart of my creative depth. From blogging and social content to upcoming works like novels and short e-Reads, this connects everything and plays a significant role in my creative recovery and journey.
  • I enjoy Creating Art and Crafting: In 2022, I quietly launched my own crafting design art business under Lifestyle & Flow LLC to take my craft hobby to its next season. Some of my upcoming work will include digital art and prints.
  • I enjoy Personal Style & Frugal Shopping: Things like thrifting, capsule wardrobes and learning about sustainable and echo living and clothing intrigues me. I consider myself a student of this process and will share content from my 2ndtimestyle micro-blog here on this site from time to time. 
  • I enjoy Reading Books & Reviews: I am reclaiming my love for reading and learning by delving into books once more. I initiated a personal book club aimed at reading four books a year, encouraging me to invest in this activity. I also plan to write my own personal reviews here on this blog.
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