Prioritizing Resilience & Self-Care (Budgeting Too)

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When you find yourself in a demanding season, where time, energy, and resources are stretched to their limits, it becomes essential to persevere and stay the course until new opportunities arise. In such times, I consistently prioritize three key elements to stay resilient and prepared along my journey.

1. Set Yourself Up for The Journey 

Indeed, it is a journey! Whether you're navigating a season of financial restraint to cope with inflation or rebuilding your financial outlook, your starting point holds significance. Here are a few starting points to consider, which you may not have previously explored.

Tip 1. I highly recommend taking advantage of a few free counseling or talk therapy sessions if possible. It's crucial to have a safe space where you can unload stress and tension. Additionally, I keep a journal because it can be immensely helpful in releasing the pressure I may be experiencing.

Tip 2. Consider revamping your social media presence by limiting the amount of irrelevant content and focusing on preserving the humor, while increasing the presence of creative and inspiring content. This way, you can curate a more meaningful and engaging online experience.

Tip 3. Wherever you are, prioritize maintaining a clean and organized space that can serve as your go-to area for relaxation and strategic thinking. Whether it's a single room in your home or a designated area, ensure it is kept in a state of order.

2. Perform a weekly budget check-in.

Make it a habit to budget every week, even when you feel confident about your financial situation. Some weeks may bring pleasant surprises, such as receiving a gift or taking on temporary work that boosts your cash flow. These occurrences can happen more frequently than expected, providing you with additional resources to work with. 

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Tip 2. My customized weekly budget sheet has been a game changer for me, and I rely on it every week. It's simple to use and understand and allows me to get through the weekly budget process quickly without overwhelm.

Tip 3. For more resources on budgeting topics, be sure to check out the microblog. It provides a wealth of information and valuable insights to further support your budgeting journey.

3. Take Care of Your Body.

During challenging seasons in life, taking care of my body becomes even more crucial as a means to reduce stress and foster resilience. Navigating difficult circumstances can take a toll on both our mental and physical well-being, making it essential to prioritize self-care practices that promote relaxation and support our bodies.

Tip 1. Fuel your body with foods that are easy to prepare and rich in protein and fiber as these foods are known to keep you fuller longer and they can be purchased in a budget-friendly manner, making them both nourishing and economical choices for your meals. 

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Tip 2. Supplements can be beneficial for your body by providing additional nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. They can help bridge nutritional gaps and support overall health. I also check in with my primary care or other health professional to be sure I am meeting the needs of my body.  

Tip 3. While vigorous or even moderate exercise may suit some individuals, there are instances when it can feel too strenuous, especially when you're already feeling tense. If I find it challenging to fit in intense workouts, I opt for regular walks whenever possible as a more accessible and calming form of physical activity.

As you can see, the strategies I have shared are practices that I personally implement regularly to maintain low stress levels during challenging times and I believe these are simple things you can achieve too. I encourage you to give them a try this week and share your experience by leaving comments. I'm eager to hear how these techniques work for you!


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