Winter 2024 Journal Prompts

Winter 2024 Journal Prompts

Do you have a favorite season for journaling? Each year, I enjoy sharing journal prompts on the blog as a means for us to connect through self-discovery. Here are my five easy starter journal prompts for this winter.

1. How does the winter season impact your daily routines and self-care practices?

Over the years, I've simplified my daily habits to fit with working from home. This makes it easier to handle changes, especially since most adjustments happen in my comfy home (winter is a great time for remote work). In terms of routines and taking care of myself, I make sure my sweaters and leggings are easy to reach for chilly days. I keep a kettle on the stove for spontaneous coffee or tea moments during the day. I also give myself breaks to sit and watch a relaxed, family-oriented movie—usually from the early 1800s or 1900s.

2. Explore the emotions evoked by winter landscapes and weather—how does the season influence your mood and mindset?

I used to like summer beaches more than winter landscapes with snow and bare trees. But now, I'm starting to appreciate the cool weather and winter scenes. Learning to dress warmly and feel cozy in winter clothes has made the season more enjoyable for me. It's also helped improve my mood. Winter used to make me feel impatient, anxious, and just cold. But these days, taking things slower, being patient, and embracing a more relaxed pace feels a lot better.

Photo by Jill Wellington

3. Share your favorite winter comfort food and the memories associated with it.

I like to mix things up with cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups, adding in chicken, veggies, or whatever I have around for a creamier soup. Sometimes, I'll even throw in a grilled cheese sandwich on the side. I didn't eat much soup when I was younger, except when I was sick. So, creating new memories with these simple cooking experiences is something I'm enjoying now.

4. Reflect on the challenges you've faced recently and the resilience you've discovered within yourself.

Many of the challenges I'm facing lately are still ongoing. When it comes to being resilient, it's an ongoing process too. Some days, I feel capable of handling everything, but other times, anxiety or sadness takes over. What I'm realizing is that neither of these feelings is necessarily bad. They're signals of other emotions that need attention. Sometimes, I have to take a break from my usual routine, acknowledge my emotions, whether they're painful or joyful, maybe shed a tear, and then move forward. I like to believe that by doing this, I release the weight of some emotions and make space for more positive ones.

5. Write about a winter goal or intention that aligns with your personal growth and self-improvement journey.

I don't have one specific goal specifically for winter, but I've been hitting consecutive milestones in work development training during this season. These changes have given me the chance to pick up new skills and think about other talents I might want to explore or learn more about this year. Winter seems like a fitting time for me to turn this into a yearly goal or intention that truly feels right for me.

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