Embracing Change in Increments

Embracing Change in Increments

About five years ago, when I faced the painful reality of my separation leading to divorce, I felt overwhelmed and lost. I knew I had to find a way to cope with the whirlwind of change and heartache that engulfed me. During those trying days, I discovered a simple coping strategy that now serves as my anchor in times of distress. I resolved to approach change one step at a time, breaking it down into three-day, three-week, and thirty-day increments. This approach has since become my guiding light, helping me navigate through life's challenges with a clearer perspective and newfound strength.

Day 1-3: Embracing Change

In the face of change, the initial shock and overwhelming emotions can be unbearable. I decided to give myself three days to process the reality of the situation, allowing myself to grieve and feel the pain. During this time, I sought support from friends and family, sharing my feelings and fears. I learned that it's okay to lean on others when life takes an unexpected turn. 

Week 1-3: Building Resilience

After surviving the first three days, I shifted my focus to the next three weeks. These weeks were crucial for building resilience. I engaged in self-care activities, such as exercise, which at that time involved of walking, listening to encouraging speakers online, and journaling. I reminded myself that healing takes time, and it's okay to experience ups and downs. The process of adapting to change is not linear, but through each setback, I grew stronger.

Weeks 4+: Finding a New Normal

I embarked on a profound journey to find my new normal. As the weeks slowly turned into the first month, I found myself developing new habits that seemed to kick in almost automatically, even as I was still processing my emotions. The decision to approach change gradually provided me with the space to heal and remain grounded in the present moment. I soon recognized that practicing self-compassion and patience during times of change is crucial, as healing and growth are processes that require time and nurturing.


This approach has been a lifeline during family crises, job losses, breakups, and other emotional challenges. A three-day emotional reset has consistently provided me with renewed strength, motivation, and fresh ideas to move forward. This tool of resilience empowers me to face life's hurdles with confidence and adaptability, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. Embrace this method, grant yourself the grace to heal, and trust in your power to thrive in the face of change. Together, let's navigate life's unpredictable waters and find our new normals with courage and grace.

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