Nurturing a Positive Body Image

Nurturing a Positive Body Image

It's been 9 months since I began my health and wellness journey with intention. Since then, I have recorded videos and updated blog posts on the journey, some of which you can access right here on the blog.

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My approach was different in that I was seeking to also reduce my stress and help repair my nervous system. This included the decision to reframe the idea of intense physical exercise in favor of soothing my nervous system through structured routines, staying connected with my creativity with things like journaling and crafting, and even taking breaks away from my city as another means of bringing back a sense of holistic engagement in my life.

Subsequently, this transformation involved the reduction of my bloated abdomen and eventual weight loss, which is a common outcome. Moreover, my cravings for certain foods evolved, and my overall health metrics and bloodwork reflected a state of normalcy. Managing stress levels and triggers also became a focal point in the journey.

Facing a new challenge. 

As my body became lighter in weight, I encountered a unique challenge. I had previously placed significant emphasis on gaining weight as a marker of good health for my body type. However, during this journey, I realized that the weight I had been striving for was not the healthiest choice for my body in the current phase of my life. I was experiencing fatigue and anxiety, symptoms that certain foods, including sugar, can exacerbate. Despite having achieved a more curvaceous appearance, it did not equate to feeling my best. Recently, I noticed a growing sense of sadness in response to my body's changes, despite these changes representing a step toward a healthier me. This prompted me to question the source of my discontent.

So, I began with the most common issue that affects women: body image and the contributing factors that can affect body image. This also includes what it looks like to have a negative body image and what it means to have a positive body image. Verywell Fit provided a well-written article on this subject.

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Finding my solution.

To overcome these challenges, I had to remind myself of the initial reason for embarking on this journey: to feel good from within. The improvements I have experienced so far are significant, and I should take pride in them. While I continue on the path of loving my body at its current size, I've found that incorporating daily body-positive affirmations into my mindset is an effective strategy. I have listed a few of my favorites here to kickstart this new healthy mindset toward my new body.

⭐Body Affirming Affirmations⭐

"I love and appreciate my body for all the amazing things it allows me to do."

"My worth is not determined by the number on a scale; I am so much more than that."

"I embrace my unique beauty and radiate confidence from within."

"I choose self-acceptance and self-love over self-criticism and judgment."

"My body is a vessel of strength, resilience, and endless possibilities."

"I celebrate my body's natural shape and honor its needs with kindness."

"I am worthy of love, respect, and all the good things life has to offer, just as I am."

"I release negative thoughts about my body and replace them with positive affirmations."

"Every day, I move closer to a healthier, happier, and more confident me."

"I am grateful for my body's ability to adapt, grow, and heal. I choose to treat it with love and care."

My Final Thoughts

As I conclude my journey with these body positive affirmations, I'm reminded that self-acceptance is an ongoing, personal process. These affirmations reinforce that my worth is inherent, and embracing my unique beauty is a powerful act of self-love. Along the way, self-doubt may surface, but these affirmations guide me toward self-confidence. So, I'll continue to appreciate my body's magnificence and let self-love lead me to a more fulfilled, healthier me.

What small step can you take today to nurture a more loving relationship with your body? Share your thoughts and intentions in the comments below!

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