60 Day Wellness Update 2023

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Sixty days ago, I kicked off my personal wellness journey. Since starting, I have made changes to my eating habits, changed my primary care and have begun personal counseling sessions.

| Watch the full video update here

Bloodwork showed something a little off.

Physically, I went through a round of blood work (there had been several over the past few years) and it looks like I might be riding a fine line with pre-diabetes, which if left unmonitored, could turn into diabetes later. This explains a lot of the underlying issues I've been having with fatigue and the inability to maintain my energy. 

| Read more about Prediabetes here: The Surprising Truth About Prediabetes

How I'm handling my eating habits.

Although I have made my own changes with eating that includes cutting down and reading more labels that indicate foods with excess sugar and salt, I have advocated that I should be referred to a nutritionist to reevaluate my choices because I need and would like more help in this area to better understand nutrition in this context. 

Getting a second opinion on my kidney scans.

My other physical health update is that I’ll see a nephrologist to take a look at the functioning of my right kidney, to see if there is a connection anywhere to symptoms that I have had in the recent months and in the past that could also explain concerns with fatigue. I recently had a scan that showed calcifications on the kidney, which can be a sign of underlying health conditions. 

| Read more about this here: Calcification and the Kidneys (news-medical.net)

Counseling revealed heightened anxiety and moderate depression.

Stressors and triggers over the recent past 3-5 years have taken its toll on me, and because of that I had increased my creative focus and output. However, I still scored high in anxiety and depression on this assessment which means that it was good timing that I chose to talk to someone now to help bring this level down and to also see how the other health areas are playing a role here. Having a counselor that also advocates for a holistic approach is in alignment with my desires in this area and I believe I will begin to experience relief in this area this year.

How I plan to move forward from here.

  • Keep all my counseling, primary care and other health appointments.
  • Commit to a fitness routine that equals 30 minutes a day.
  • Find new resources and recipes that support pre-diabetes nutrition.


I’m learning that it doesn’t take long to begin seeing positive results from wanting to make changes in your health and wellness. You will have setbacks, but the goal is a recommitment to the journey one day at a time. After each milestone, creating a few things to alter or change will allow you to keep moving forward. 

By prioritizing our health and well-being, we can lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life, and be better equipped to handle the challenges that come our way. So, if you're considering making some changes to your own wellness routine, taking our first step will be the most challenging but it will be worth it!

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What are a few things you'd like to work on personally in your own wellness? 


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