Things You Didn't Know About Me and What I Do

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me and What I Do

"A Creative Life by Nherie," a journey of a life artist, where creativity meets practicality in everyday life. I'm excited to share some things you might not know about me and how my journey as a creative professional is woven into the fabric of my day-to-day life. I wanted to do so in this blog post!

Crafting for Healing: Create Season Studio

You may not know that my journey into the world of crafting began as a personal therapy. After losing critical income during the pandemic, I turned to crafting to cope with the emotional pain. This personal art therapy evolved into Create Season Studio, where I design and sell unique crafts. Each piece I create carries a light heartedness and story of resilience and renewal. My goal is to inspire others to find healing and joy through creativity, just as I have.

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Remote Business Expertise: Remote Flow Services

With 7 years of fully remote experience and 25 years in the creative and business workforce, I offer a unique style of operational support for hobbies, business and personal life through Remote Flow Services. What you might not realize is how deeply I value bringing easy and practical foundational and sustainable order to processes. By demonstrating and sharing methods to manage their operational challenges, I enable others to focus on additional aspects of life and business development that require attention. My services are designed to be reliable and efficient, ensuring successful project launches and maintaining a fresh backend presence in today's remote environment, while emphasizing simplicity and organization.

Sustainable Simplistic Living: 2nd Time Style

In my spare time, I run 2nd Time Style, a hobby business where I sell second-hand clothing, accessories, home decor, and books. Sustainability is a core value for me, and this venture allows me to practice simplistic living by giving pre-loved items a second chance. Not only does this help reduce waste, but it also provides my community with affordable, great-quality items.

Why I Do What I Do

Every aspect of my work is driven by a desire to connect with and uplift others. Whether through the therapeutic power of crafting, the support I provide to fellow professionals and individuals on the simple life and business journey, or the sustainable choices I encourage, my aim is to make a positive impact. My blog, "A Creative Life by Nherie," is a platform where I share insights, stories and tips that bridge creative pursuits with practical living.

Serving the Community

My creative ventures are all about creating a different kind of community connection. Create Season Studio brings joy and healing through handmade crafts. Remote Flow Services supports operational flow, allowing projects to flourish. 2nd Time Style promotes sustainability and offers budget-friendly options for those who love thrifting.

Building Expertise and Reliability

For years, I've dedicated myself to being a consistent and reliable source of inspiration and practicality. My blog is a testament to this commitment, filled with posts that encourage creativity and offer practical advice for managing a simple yet fulfilling life. I aim to position myself as an expert in the creative space, someone you can count on for reliable and insightful content across all seasons of life.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Together, let's embrace creativity, support each other, and live simply.

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