Putting Creativity and the Things You Love First


Putting Creativity and the Things You Love First

About a year ago, I decided to do something radically different. Instead of focusing my energy on typical life responsibilities like bills, home management, etc., I chose to prioritize my creative ideas first.

After fueling myself with coffee and breakfast (because I no longer allow myself to drink coffee without following up with a meal, especially in the morning), I dive straight into a creative craft, writing, or brainstorming anything that excites me. Capturing these ideas became crucial in this change, so I sat down to create tips on how to capture them. 

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I've found that by doing this, I never run out of ideas, and the more I engage in these activities, the more I can cycle through creative pursuits that light me up.

How it's helped.

Doing this every day for a year has made me a happier person overall. Initially, I felt guilty, thinking I was neglecting my "real" responsibilities. But over time, I realized that this new routine allowed me to be more present in my current circumstances and with friends and family. By choosing creativity first, I set healthier boundaries around my time, energy, and capacity. I discuss this further in another post, which you can find here.

How to get started.

I recognize that not everyone can devote time to a creative task every day. If that's the case, I suggest picking another habit you enjoy, like reading a book, listening to music, or your favorite podcast. These activities can also serve as segues into creative enjoyment. Then, start slowly incorporating tangible creative activities into your routine.

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For so long, we've been conditioned to handle other responsibilities first, but I've found that switching this up has made me a better artist and a happier person and more solution driven in my day-to-day responsibilities. I talk more about this in my YouTube video here, 'Setting the Tone for 2024'.

I hope this encourages you to start your days with your version of creativity in mind first. There’s no need to go through days without creating a little joy for yourself first thing. Putting yourself first, even for a little while, can make a huge difference in the remainder of your day. Even on difficult days, I’ve found relief in starting with my creative goals first.

What are your go-to creative activities that you can prioritize to start your day with?

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