6 Month Health & Wellness Update

6 Month Health & Wellness Update

I'm happy to share that my journey began in February, and it's now the start of August. This update marks the end of my sixth month. I want to let you know that I'm doing really well.

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1. There are no kidney concerns!

Regarding my kidney concerns, I had scans done, and fortunately, everything looks normal. There's no sign of kidney disease, which is fantastic news.

2. No concerns with diabetes!

As for other updates, I stuck with the dietitian for around three months. This helped me make better food choices and reduce the risk of diabetes or pre-diabetes. I'm relieved to inform you that this is no longer a concern. My recent blood work and lab reports all came back within the normal range.

3. Energy levels are manageable!

I've been keeping up my energy levels and making sure to get to bed at a decent hour most nights. I've also incorporated more walking into my routine. On another note, I've been reminded that I have a beta thalassemia trait. While it doesn't need medical intervention, it can sometimes lead to mild episodes resembling anemia. Thankfully, I can manage these episodes through lifestyle changes – essentially, I just need to get more rest on those days!

4. Preparing food became easier.

I've noticed that I don't need to excessively prepare food like I did when I started this journey. Initially, I was all set with Tupperware containers, ready to make big changes. However, after speaking with the dietitian and having regular checkups, I realized that simple tweaks would suffice. I didn't have to completely overhaul my habits. The main adjustments involved reducing my sugar and salt intake. I knew where I was consuming too much of these, and over the past six months, I've successfully cut back on both.

5. I can eat tomatoes again!

I'm happy to share that although I experienced a sudden allergic skin reaction to tomatoes, which led me to avoid them for around five months, maybe a bit longer, I can now eat tomatoes without any issues. It seems like these small changes helped reset my body in a positive way. 

6. Back to regular yearly checkups.

Thankfully, there are no health issues to worry about at the moment. I'll continue with my regular checkups and check-ins every six months or so, moving forward. This is indeed fantastic news.

7. Having fun with recipe sharing!

I've been keeping track of the recipes I've experimented with since I began this journey, which you can access through this blog!  Some are my own creations, while others come from recommendations from other online resources. 

8. Giving myself permission to take days off.

I've recently returned from a five-day mini vacation, which I spent at the beach and a lovely botanical garden with beautiful fountains. These places were in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey area. Now that I'm back, I'm getting back into my usual routine. I wanted to take a moment to share that I'm doing well, and this is genuinely great news.


For those of you who might have started your own health and wellness journey, I want to encourage you. Despite any challenges you face along the way, it's absolutely worth it. When you hit the six-month mark and look back, the progress you've achieved will make you proud for taking that first step. 

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