Book Review: Find Your People by Jennie Allen

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Book Review: Find Your People by Jennie Allen

A few months back, I started reading a book from my book club's list.

Before picking up this book, I was feeling pretty lonely, especially when it came to my relationships. And honestly, it made sense given all the changes I've been through in the past five years—moving, dealing with the pandemic, losing jobs, and seeing shifts in my friendships and family connections.

It became evident that I needed to reassess and identify the people with whom I could truly connect in my current proximity. I realized I had been spreading myself too thin, attempting to sustain relationships from a different season of life.

About "Find Your People" by Jennie Allen

It's all about how today's world affects our relationships and why so many of us feel lonely even though we're surrounded by people.

Initially, I was concerned that some of the book's references to biblical principles would drastically differ from my own perspective. However, in my view, this approach added value, unlike other books I have read, while still maintaining the overall purpose and addressing the question of how to overcome constant feelings of loneliness and reclaim our connections through fulfilling relationships. This journey is not merely a matter of thought but of the heart, guiding us toward actionable steps.

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The inclusion of diagrams and thought-provoking challenges pushed me out of my comfort zone, putting an end to what I like to call "comfort with discomfort." Ultimately, this leads to embracing vulnerability—an aspect crucial to the book's premise. What distinguishes this book is how Jennie intertwines her own stories with these challenges, demonstrating her own journey toward vulnerability. Her willingness to confront her own tendencies toward independence, which she identifies as a barrier to vulnerability—a concept she delves into as a societal construct that harms us—resonated with me. Her account of a relational breakdown followed by a significant move particularly struck a chord, as it mirrored experiences many of us may relate to or are currently navigating.


As I'm wrapping up the last few chapters, I'm already seeing changes in how I relate to people. I feel less lonely and more equipped to build meaningful connections. It's become clear to me that this process isn't about instant results; rather, it requires patience, consistency, and knowing when to wait things out or try again. However, the immediate effect of taking these actions is a lifted mood because prioritizing genuine, fulfilling relationships brings its own rewards.

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