Managing My Emotions About The Economy

Managing My Emotions About the Economy

Notes from my personal journaling today.

In the current work climate, amidst everything else happening, I've been listening to people—both in my personal life and through online resources I frequent for information and encouragement. It's striking how individuals from various walks of life are expressing similar sentiments. One common thread is that in 2023, many with online shops experienced a significant drop in their profits, as well as every day folks having a hard time in this economic environment. 

| Here's a perspective from a handmade e-commerce expert that I felt explained it quite well, especially for those who have or know someone with an on online shop or business. 

For those who have achieved a certain level of success and financial stability, the impact wasn't as severe. While they may not have reached their projected earnings for 2023, they were still able to navigate the changes relatively well, having a financial cushion to rely on. However, for the rest of us—those still working to grow our income, exploring suitable forms of work that align with our passion while generating the necessary revenue—the challenges are more pronounced.

Facing Challenges Head-On

Personally, I consider myself a frugal person, conscientious about not overspending. I've already taken steps to minimize additional expenses. Yet, there's a limit to how much one can cut off without compromising their way of living. It's a delicate balance we all grapple with.

Knowing I'm not alone in navigating this path brings some comfort, but it also comes with a level of anger—there are just too many of us going through similar struggles. Particularly, for people of color, this adds another layer of complexity. I'm not defining myself solely by these statistics, but I acknowledge the data and recognize that individuals like me face even greater challenges. It requires extra effort to stay present, affirming that I can handle this, I can figure things out, and I am strong. However, the question lingers—how much more strength can one summon when it feels like the odds are stacked against them?

| Google anything about black and brown businesses and women of color in connection to small business, money and economic topics and all the evidence is there. 

Why Giving Up Isn't the Answer

I'm reminded of the visual where two people are chiseling away underground, working towards a breakthrough. One perseveres, and the other, so close, gives up. That's the season or moment I'm in now—the moment where I could throw everything away, close down Create Season Studio, stop my email list, and end relationships. However, I realize that this is a crucial part of the journey, akin to the moment of almost giving up. 

When thoughts take you there, they don't offer the positive end of the story—closing everything down never opens up a vision of a blissful life afterward. It's essential to remember that!

Embracing Opportunities and Defying Definitions

We have to keep trying even if that means trying something new. I can scrutinize the data all day long, but that doesn't define me or the rest of my life—point blank, period. I'm turning my attention to what I have going for me because, as of now, if a door hasn't opened, and another opportunity hasn't presented itself, it sounds like I have everything I need in this moment to do what's necessary for today. 

Final Thoughts

Amid economic uncertainties, the journey may feel like chiseling through the unknown. Let this post be a reminder to resist defining yourself solely by statistics; embrace self-talk and affirmations today. Tomorrow will worry about itself!

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