Crafting a Vision Mood Board for 2024

Crafting a Vision Mood Board for 2024

I've been a fan of Vision Boards for a while, but somewhere in 2020, I got so lost in survival during the pandemic that I found myself recycling some older wants and desires for a few consecutive years, not realizing they no longer resonated with me. Not only that, I had not placed the vision board in a common area where I would actually set eyes on it — a huge mistake of mine — so I'm not surprised now that I had such a hard time resonating with my own desires.

This year, I decided to take a little more control and put it in an area that I know I would see every day — I now keep it in my room near my newly crafted desk. I have also updated how I work with the board by making it a combination of a mood and vision board — with 3 areas of focus this year based on how I'd ultimately like to feel. They say that you need to feel this in order to bring it to life — I'll admit, this is the hardest part for me, but I'm willing to give this version a try.

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Things I am doing differently this year concerning my Vision and Mood Board activities:

Choosing 3 Feel Good areas of focus:

I have many other small goals this year, but I have decided that the focus will be on the top 3 that FEEL the best to me. Meanwhile, the other goals are more task activity and things I should make note of in a project management tool — things that I'd like to see happen and may be tied to a bigger long-term goal but not necessarily something I want to or have to live and breathe every day. In the past, I used to get caught up in trying to make those activities a part of the vision/mood board, no wonder I felt inconsistent in how I felt about my process. Again, this is about feeling good.

Luxury and Romance (Center):

This isn't only tied to a romantic relationship, but the overall feel of what I want my life and lifestyle to feel like to me. So I collected images and phrases that represent that for me. I can still keep my frugality and still feel a sense of luxury, and that’s what I want to define and experience this year.

Health and Wellness (Far Left):

Last year, my journey was focused on reading labels, balancing my diet, and simply eating enough of the best foods for my body — I have made significant progress. That will continue. This year though, I want to turn my attention to a summer and spring herb garden or garden pots — even investing in learning about herbal and medicinal remedies. This leans towards an herbalist lifestyle — this makes me feel good and I'm going for it.

Spirituality and Mindfulness (Far Right):

I have broken many unfavorable beliefs that were no longer resonating with me and turned my attention towards other facets of intuitive faith-based mindfulness practices and more. Some of which can no longer be categorized by much of the mainstream faith-based principles from my past upbringing. I feel good about this and open to bringing more of this into my lifestyle and into my work and content in general. In the meantime, I'm choosing things that help me to feel good and work from a place of rest and rejuvenation — something that my past experiences with rigid religion could not evoke within me.

Don't forget to infuse creativity and fun!

As expected from a life artist, I always like to add and sprinkle in creative aspects to my mood and vision board, and I enjoy the look of a combined collage visual. So, you will see lots of little details and words and phrases that have made it onto the board this year. This could include quotes, colors, or images that spark joy. Choosing things that make me feel good is the key.

If this style of board resonates with you, here are my tips for putting it together:


Magazines, scissors, tacks, bulletin board — this makes interchanging so much easier throughout the year too, where needed. But choose materials that resonate with you! If you are loathing the process of creating your vision or mood board, you won't feel connected to it.

Start with larger size images first:

Use the larger images that are part of your core 3 focus points, then move on to corresponding phrases and other images that also resonate. Then, fill in with all the creative, fun elements and phases and that’s it. 

I am no longer laboring over but having fun with my vision and mood board. Everything else can fall into my project tasks and be managed there.

How are you handling your vision board this year? Will you consider a mood vibe or a more personal structured approach?

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