Do These 5 Things To Create Ease This Holiday Season

Do These 5 Things To Create Ease This Holiday Season

In this post, I'd like to cover a few of the ways I have prepared myself for the Holiday Season, especially if it brings a sense of sadness due to dealing with any kind of loss. If you are reading this right now and still continuing, you might know exactly what I mean.

While I don't have all the answers for every situation, I strongly believe that if there's anything that can help another person feel even a little bit better during the current season, they find themselves in, it's worth sharing some useful tips. My hope is that these simple ideas will give you something to look forward to and help bring you a sense of order and calm, especially during this Holiday Season.

These tips aren't about how to shop frugally, wrap presents, or get caught up in the frenzy of holiday activities (though I do plan to share some exciting craft tips I'm working on for that space). Instead, they aim to support foundational well-being so that, no matter what comes your way, both you and I may find ourselves already grounded to face the natural complexities that come with the holiday time.

Now, let's explore how I have chosen and will continue to choose to ground myself in a practical way in preparation for the Holidays!

1. Start with a personal mental & emotional health check-in. 

Although we've heard this repeatedly, in ways that may have discouraged us from recognizing its truth, there is value in assessing your own well-being first. Knowing where you are in terms of your mental, physical, and emotional health will help you understand your capacity in any season. 

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| Resource: For the past two months, I've used the free version of the Mind Doc app for daily emotional check-ins, providing a practical and consistent way to monitor my well-being multiple times a day.


2. Conduct a home management check-in.

Taking care of and managing a home is a non-stop job. It can take a toll on you. Here are a few ideas you can add to your checklist. While not an exhaustive list, I usually tackle these first and feel a huge sense of relief when it's complete.

  • Weekly budget review: When I do a budget check-in weekly, it helps me feel confident that my financial situation is under control, and I can make informed decisions to achieve my financial goals.
  • Create and update organizational systems: Assess the functionality of your organization systems, including your info or bulletin board, declutter plan, and filing system. Make any necessary adjustments to get you through the season. 
  • Address minor maintenance concerns: Prevent the little things from becoming major issues like clogged drains, leaky faucets, broken drawer handles, or the dreaded windowsill and baseboard cleaning etc. Tackle just a few of them and you'll feel so much better. 

3. Use these tips for a relationship check-in.

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, it's crucial to remember the importance of a 'Relationship Check-In.' This encompasses various aspects of your life, from parenting relationships to family, community, friendships, and romantic relationships.

  • Handling Shared Parenting During The Holidays:
When it comes to parenting relationships, communication is key—make sure to discuss and confirm holiday schedules well in advance to avoid conflicts and ensure a smooth holiday season for your family. 

  • Handling Family, Friendship and Romantic Relationships: 
Setting aside time for everyone can be challenging during the holiday season. While it's wonderful to consider engaging with as many people as you'd like, it's important to acknowledge that it's impossible to accommodate everyone fully. Establishing boundaries is crucial to maintain a harmonious atmosphere during the holidays. If you find yourself unable to participate in certain aspects of a holiday activity, it's essential to communicate your decision and take ownership of your "no," whether it's "not this time" or "next holiday." 

Start by evaluating the proximity of these relationships in your life to determine the level of involvement and commitment needed. 

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4. Tap into your creativity & passion for fun and relaxation.

The holiday season, with all its charm and festivities, can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Amid the chaos of shopping, cooking, and gatherings, it's crucial to remember to make room for our creativity. This is a time when we can inspire our inner artists, writers, or makers by dedicating a few moments to the passions that bring us joy. 

  • Start by ensuring you have all the necessary supplies at hand to unleash your creativity. Set aside a cozy corner or a special workspace where you can dive into your projects undisturbed. 

  • Consider creating a vision board that embodies your creative aspirations for the season, serving as a constant source of inspiration. And don't forget to prep for your creative endeavors; having a plan in place can help reduce stress and make your artistic pursuits all the more enjoyable. 

By prioritizing your creativity and passion during the holidays, you'll find a renewed sense of balance and fulfillment amidst the holiday rush.

5. Conduct a workload assessment.

As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to reevaluate and organize your workload, ensuring that you can fully enjoy the season, or at the very least, significantly reduce your workload during this time.

  • Determining which tasks can be delegated or postponed, allowing you to focus on the most critical responsibilities. 

  • Declutter your workspace, update your task lists, and streamline your processes to enhance productivity.

  • By reevaluating and organizing your workload during the holidays, you can reduce stress and create more space for cherished moments with loved ones, making this season truly joyful and rejuvenating.
Addressing just one of these tasks in each of these categories will bring you a sense of relief.

Final Thoughts
Now, I'd love to hear from you: What steps will you take to make this holiday season more relaxing and enjoyable while maintaining your productivity? Share your ideas in the comments below and let's inspire each other to have a stress-free and creative holiday!

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