My Thrift & Discount Stores for Last-Minute Bargains

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My Thrift & Discount Store Discoveries for Last-Minute Bargains

My passion for thrift style and fashion traces its roots back to my childhood when my mother, sisters and I frequented discount and thrift stores. This frugal habit has stayed with me into adulthood, enabling me to explore and experiment with various brands while adhering to my budget.

In 2020, I embarked on a small blogging journey, allowing me to not only showcase and enjoy my style but also learn more about sustainable fashion. You can follow parts of this journey by visiting my 2ndTimeStyle linktree.

Where I Find My Thrifted & Low Cost Clothes

I currently live in a small city in Virginia and although this isn't the largest city on the map, I have found my diamond in the rough thift and discounted stores in the area that I regularly visit to purchase items I need and get a feel for price points for furture purchases. Here are a few of my current go-to stores avaialble to me:

The Clothing Place

One of the best reasons why shopping here is important is because it serves multiple purposes, all of which support the community. I can find anything from clothing, shoes, bags, select kitchen and houseware items. I have even found craft essentials that were donated by locals. I love that this place has strong ties to the community and to the local food bank, which is an essential need in this small community. I always walk away with valuable items that I can use right away while supporting my local community. They have weekly sales and offer half off on women's, children's, and seasonal items year-round!


There are approximately 250 Roses Discount Stores in the United States, and I am fortunate to have one right in my neighborhood. They offer a wide range of items, including clothing, both essential and fashionable, shoes, home and garden products, and groceries. I usually visit the store for a few staple clothing items, shoes, and occasionally a handbag. Check out this adorable romper I bought last summer, and on my more recent trip, I snagged these cozy wide-leg pants with a rope drawstring.


Known for its highly trendy and fashion-forward street, casual, and evening attire, Rainbow is one of those easy in-and-out clothing, shoes, and accessory stores. They also maintain a large stock of sizes, so I can always find my size and have plenty of options. I usually shop at this store when I'm looking for particular styles that are on-trend or for special occasions. Most recently, I stopped by just to see if they had the style of dress I was looking for and purchased one for an upcoming event with a $20 budget (more on this later). They also keep discount racks filled with items that are on sale, making it a good way to get those last seasonal essentials before the next season arrives.

Citi Trends

This is another trend discount fashion store similar to Rainbow but leans more towards those who are fans of an athletic streetwear style. I visit this place when looking for a pair of shoes or a handbag when an upgrade is needed. I have even shopped here for occasional kitchen essentials, which they usually keep towards the back of the store. If I am ever looking for athletic apparel in particular, I'd come here for a quick peek.


Every so often, I am in need of something for my wardrobe or even as a gift for someone else, I'll hop over to a nearby Marshalls for those special finds and higher-quality brands at affordable prices. One trip in particular was finding an Italian plum Slip Dress for a wedding that I wore last year. Marshalls seems to be the place to go to find that quality fabric and classic styles that can stand the test of time in my wardrobe and my budget.

Photo by : JM

The Attic Consignment

Although not in my city, I visit the city of Bethlehem, PA every couple of months, and this place houses hundreds or more of items, including clothing, shoes, and jewelry, most of which are from well-known and luxury brands. When I go, I can always expect a turnover in products, and I rarely see the same item available by the time I return. When I shop there, it's for things that can become a permanent part of my wardrobe, and the quality is of a high standard. The prices can range from discounted luxury down to that $5 sale, if it's my lucky day. Their consignment program is quite popular in the area, and they also offer items on their site online.

(I plan to delve deeper into online thrifting at another time after I have actively experimented with a few places I have in mind.)

My Latest Find

In the past few months, I've acquired a black blazer, and black heels from The Attic Consignment, serving as my foundation. Armed with a budget of only $20 for an upcoming event, my instincts guided me to Rainbow, an in-store haven for bargains in my area. Hidden discreetly behind a wardrobe mannequin, I uncovered a satin-like shimmer green party dress, precisely the style I'd been admiring while browsing Pinterest. What's even better is that it came at an affordable price of just $13.

Here's the ensemble I've chosen for the evening out:

Photo by Rainbow

Spandex Asymmetrical Mini Dress - Hunter Green

Photo By Anne Taylor
Similar Blazer Style: The Petite One-Button Blazer 

Photo by Pinterest-Ebay Seller
Clutch Inspiration: Black Faux Leather Clutch Envelope

Photo by DSW
My Shoes: Bandolino Madia Sandal


My journey through thrift style and fashion has been an enjoyable blend of personal expression and community support. Thrift stores offer versatile options, from everyday essentials to statement pieces for special occasions.

In the coming months, I'll explore online thrifting, sharing insights from my experiments. For now, I'm excited to showcase my latest find: a budget-friendly green party dress from Rainbow.

With minimalistic gold or silver accessories, I'm ready for an evening out, living my passion for thrift style. Stay tuned for more thrifting adventures and insights!

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