'It's Never Too Late' but Sometimes It Is


 "It's Never Too Late" but Sometimes It Is

Okay, so this idea just came to me a split second ago, and I'm going to explore it in this post. The thought that occurred to me is about the common saying, "It's never too late to do this or start that." While I believe this can be true to some extent, especially when it comes to career and reigniting our passions, there are also seasons in life where it may indeed be too late for certain things. Let me provide an example to illustrate this point.

A single loss can have a ripple effect on various aspects of life.

When I was laid off from one of my main jobs in 2021 (and I may mention this often because it significantly impacted my thinking and priorities), I spent a considerable amount of time in the following year trying to recover from the loss. I attempted to regain the lost income and resurrect the ideas that I believed would materialize at that time, but unfortunately, they did not come to fruition. 

This experience led me to realize that while it's acceptable to dream again and develop a new vision, there are certain losses, both financial and in terms of desired outcomes, that accumulate over time and become difficult to reclaim. It's as if one must pause and initiate a complete reset, reevaluating everything. That's where I found myself amidst the tumult of life in the past year and beyond, now that we're in 2023. It struck me that it's acceptable to acknowledge that whatever I was attempting to achieve and the methods I employed are no longer viable. It's too late for that particular path. However, it's not too late to envision new possibilities from this point onward. 

In certain situations, catching up after a loss may not be the most effective strategy.

Personally, I've noticed that feeling trapped or stagnant arises when I try to play catch-up on various fronts, and I suspect others may have experienced the same. There exists a delicate balance in our approach to moving forward, considering the notion that it's never too late while also accepting that certain seasons of our lives have passed, and it is too late for their envisioned outcomes. This realization brings a sense of liberation, as it allows us to acknowledge a level of grief that has eluded us in recent years. Today, I find myself in this place, although it may take me some time to fully explore and comprehend other examples relevant to my own life. It became clear that there were instances when it was indeed too late, such as when the necessary funds failed to materialize at crucial moments. Even now, as I contemplate recouping the loss, I realize that it will never truly be regained.

Certain losses can be permanently life-changing as they symbolize a definitive conclusion to something.

It's a difficult truth to accept. This aspect is often not discussed in the same conversations or contexts. However, for me, they are closely intertwined. There is a profound connection between recognizing the irrevocable nature of some losses and experiencing a level of grief that requires acknowledgment. It takes time to process and contemplate how to move forward while carrying the weight of that grief, especially after dwelling in it for an extended period. 

Embracing a one-week-at-a-time approach to life allowed me to discover a new rhythm and cultivate acceptance for things as they are.

It's okay to feel a mix of emotions when confronted with such changes. This realization struck me as I sat down to do my budget, which I now handle on a weekly basis. Shifting to a weekly budgeting approach stemmed from the stress of trying to plan for future areas of life that hadn't yet materialized, or the idea of regaining what was lost, which left gaps in my plans. It became overwhelming to connect all these ideas and visions with the necessary income to support them, causing me to spin in circles. Focusing on one week at a time with my budget has been a game-changer for me. In adopting this approach, I also recognized that my motivation stemmed from the frustration of past seasons where I felt compelled to recoup what was lost.

Final Thoughts

I've heard stories of individuals who have started afresh, rebuilt their lives, and achieved their passions. This reassures me that it is indeed possible. Today, where I find myself, and perhaps where others unknowingly reside, is in a space of grief and loss. Sometimes, the value of what was lost cannot be reclaimed because that season has passed. It necessitates finding a new way of thinking, reigniting existing passions or embarking on new ventures. This topic is extensive in itself, as it involves a unique journey. So, this is where I find myself at the moment. I may revisit and reflect on this again in the future. Right now, I'm in a phase of recognizing the loss and allowing myself to grieve while still moving forward and making the best of the situation.

Have you experienced a challenging ripple effect of seasons due to a recent or past loss? Are you still facing struggles in coping with it? Share below any actions or strategies that have aided your progress in moving forward!


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