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Why I created a microblog to support A Creative Life by Nherie

I created the microblog as a support for my existing blog back in 2017, during the launch of Living A Life Of Creativity now A Creative Life by Nherie. It serves as a platform to share new snippets of information, real-time journey progress notes, and circulate resources that have had a significant impact on my creative journey. Choosing Tumblr as my microblog platform enables me to share my content within a community of fellow artists and creatives.

How to Use the search resources in the Microblog!

Here are some tips to maximize your Tumblr experience with the microblog A Creative Life by Nherie and effectively search for inspiration on the platform.

Searching for "dailypost" or "daily post" will bring up a collection of my weekly personal reflections. 

These reflections encompass a variety of topics, including new places I've visited, creative practices (or recipes) I've experimented with, progress updates on my art or craft projects, and profound thoughts from my journaling sessions.

Searching for "motivation," "inspiration," and "quotes" will provide a curated collection of inspired works from other artists, writers, and bloggers. 

If you're seeking a continuous stream of uplifting content, exploring these topics will serve your purpose well. These curated works are sourced from web searches and various platforms where I've stumbled upon content that might not typically appear in your usual algorithms on other platforms. However, these discoveries have had a significant impact on my creative journey, and I regularly share them with others.

Searching for "blog," "blog post," or "blogpost" will provide you with a recap of the posts I have written on both the archived blog and the current blog. 

These search results will offer quick snippets of information or reflections that are connected to each blog post. You may find unique insights or details that are not shared elsewhere on social media platforms. 

Searching for "journaling," "journal," or "journal prompts" will lead you to a collection of writing prompts that I have shared in the past. 

Additionally, this search will also display any new seasonal prompts that I am currently developing. Many of the previous prompts remain relevant and can serve as valuable tools for encouraging self-discovery through guided writing exercises.

When searching for "artsandcrafts" or "arts and crafts," you will discover a diverse range of craft and art project suggestions. 

These recommendations are gathered from various sources across the web, often from lesser-known or "underdog" sites that are brimming with creative ideas. Unlike traditional feeds on other platforms, these suggestions may not receive significant social popularity but offer unique and inspiring content for your artistic pursuits.

Other ways to search the microblog:

  • A general search for "creativity" will provide a stream of posts that discuss the topic of creativity or offer inspiration for creative actions. 
  • On the other hand, searching for "parenting" and "single mother" will connect you to my personal experiences and reflections as a parent, as well as provide solution-oriented ideas to assist with parenting challenges.
  • You may also find value in searches related to "budgeting, mindfulness, and self-love". As I continue to develop the microblog with relevant information to support my own journey, you will have access to the same resources to aid you in yours. 

If you have any recommendations for resources or sites that offer similar creative ideas, feel free to leave a comment below, and I'll be sure to check them out!


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