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Creative wellness refers to the use of creative practices and activities to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is an approach to self-care that emphasizes the importance of expressing oneself through creative outlets, such as music, art, dance, writing, or crafts. When I think of wellness in connection to creativity, this is what I think of. 

Creative wellness recognizes that engaging in creative activities can have numerous positive effects on a person's overall health, including reducing stress and anxiety, boosting mood, improving cognitive function, increasing self-esteem and self-awareness, and promoting relaxation. During my healing journey the past 5 years, it allowed me to tune into areas of my personal wellbeing that I have neglected or wasn't aware needed my attention.

Topics and practices that I'll be exploring more on this blog will be, Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Social Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Spiritual Wellness and Environmental Wellness. The interconnectedness of wellness and creativity plays a huge part of not just living a creative life, but a longer healthier one too.

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