Creativity can be a powerful tool for helping you find your purpose. It involves exploring new possibilities and perspectives, and this can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what is meaningful to you.

By engaging in creative activities, you may discover new interests or passions that you didn't know you had. This can help you clarify your values and priorities, and provide a sense of direction for your life, which was part of my journey over the past 8 years and the core reason why I began this new blog. I have grown, changed and healed many creative wounds from my early years by allowing myself to explore my creativity in my adult life.

Using and exploring creatively helps me think outside the box and come up with innovative and simple solutions to problems or challenges that I encounter in my life, and this was the focus of my blog Living a Life of Creativity.

Now, this new journey with A Creative Life by Nherie, I'm able to allow fulfillment and purpose to shine by using my unique strengths and abilities to make a positive impact in this new season. Simply put, it's time to evolve, expand and take my understanding of creativity to a new level.

Find more topics and posts connected to creativity here on the blog soon!


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