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During my early childhood, I faced significant barriers in belief systems that hindered me from fully exploring my creative curiosities. This created a void in my life, preventing me from experiencing the fulfillment that comes with a creative journey. However, as I grew into adulthood, I underwent personal growth, transformation, and healing, addressing the creative wounds of my past. I granted myself the freedom to explore my creativity, to ultimately lead to a more enriched and satisfied life.

Using and exploring creatively helps me think outside the box and come up with innovative and simple solutions to problems or challenges that I encounter in my life, and this was the focus of my blog Living a Life of Creativity.

Now, this new journey with A Creative Life by Nherie, I'm able to allow fulfillment and purpose to shine by using my unique strengths and abilities to make a positive impact in this new season. Simply put, it's time to evolve, expand and take my understanding of creativity to a new level.

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