Track and Present Your Earnings with Confidence

Track and Present Your Earnings with Confidence

I found myself in an interesting situation – needing to prove my income for a leasing agreement. The challenge wasn't the proof itself, but rather showcasing a coherent and consistent picture of my earnings. This was particularly important given my work setup, which includes a mix of remote gigs, side hustles, and traditional work. If you're nodding your head in agreement, then you know the tug-of-war I'm talking about between fluctuating remote work and the need to present your income rock-solidly.

Here are my tips for making this work in your favor:

⭐Start with appreciation and gratitude.

First things first, a shout-out to all of us who have made remote work or side hustles work for us. No matter the amount, if that income has paid a bill, bought groceries, or given us a little treat, it's a success. We often don't pat ourselves on the back enough for these victories.

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For all you creatives out there (which, by the way, includes anyone bringing in income in their own way), it's crucial to take a moment to appreciate your efforts. Don't get caught up in comparing your earnings to others. And don't let a deal falling through or earnings not quite meeting your expectations drag you down. This kind of thinking undervalues your potential. You can always strategize for better later – for now, appreciate what you've achieved.

⭐Find an online budget tracking tool.

Thankfully, I had a secret weapon – a free to low-cost web-based income tracking tool that I'd been using to stay on top of my finances. If you're remotely working or juggling a variety of income sources, you might feel that tracking and reporting your income is a bit intimidating. I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be.

Here's what I currently use:

📍Resource: Online Checkbook Register, Budgets and Money Management Tools | ClearCheckbook

📍Resource: Wave: Small Business Software (

You can still become skilled at tracking your income and presenting your earnings, regardless of the amount. 

⭐Make note of all the ways you receive income. 

Whether you're getting paid through direct deposits, cash, or online platforms and use your tracking tool to handle these sources individually. Think of it as your digital backup to old-school transaction ledgers.

| Tutorials | ClearCheckbook

⭐Use your online tools to help generate unified-looking reports.

This approach gives you a unified view of your income streams, making it a breeze to generate reports that you can use for various purposes. You can also use the tool to track expenses for each income source, ensuring you always have a precise balance.

| Understanding your Reports page – Help Center (

⭐Create an income summary sheet.

And when it's time to prove your income – the real test – take it up a notch. Alongside your earnings' details and proofs (like stubs and online references), create a cover sheet or summary for the specific period required. This snapshot lets anyone reviewing your income get the full picture in a glance. Of course, they'll cross-check with statements and stubs, but this cover sheet showcases your organization skills and dedication to your work.

| Download and print my personally created worksheet: Income Summary Worksheet

Remember, this isn't just about proving your income; it's about embracing your journey and showcasing it confidently. 

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When you download your worksheet, let me know in the comments!

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